Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank You Vintaj.♥

So I was checking my email yesterday and to my surprise 
I received a special note from Vintaj
(my brass supplier)
Thanking me for using their products in my designs 
and that they are featuring one of my bracelets
in their COOL FINDS...

    The gals there must have searched
    high and low through
    etsy to find this piece.
    I am very THANKFUL!!!

    I have been creating jewelry for several
    years  and used to only use silver,
    but since I've found Vintaj Brass,
    I haven't touched my silver.
    They've got me hooked.  Thank You Vintaj!!!
    ♥ Kerri

    Click on the link to check it out!!


    Did anyone happen to see this Sunset on November 10th?

    Every evening that I'm at home, I look out my front porch to see the sunset.
    Some evenings it is overcast, others there's not much depth to the sunset,
    & then there's evenings like this.

    It's just absolutely amazing how, for such a brief period of time,
     the sky can transform into a beautiful piece of art
    and then as quickly as it appears, it is erased!

    Friday, November 6, 2009

    Oh My Buttons!!

    So, I found the cutest sweater the other day
    that had a button missing.
    Well, I still couldn't pass it up so I bought it,
    and in the middle of the night
    (that's usually when all my great ideas hit me
    and I can't get back to sleep)
    I woke up thinking,
    "I can make some cool buttons for my new sweater!!" 
    So the next day, I started creating.

    Here's a few of what I have so far...
    Bunch o' Buttons

    These are my fav so far...Fleur De Lis
    Vintaj Brass blank, Filagree, Rhinestones, glitter

    Sweet Lil Black Birds
    Vintaj Brass Bezels, Embossed Birds, rhinestones, glitter
    Small buttons
    Vintaj brass blanks, Embossed Flowers, rhinestones


    Let me know what you think of these little gems....
    I will have some for sale in my etsy shop soon
    or contact me if you have anything special in mind
    for that garment of yours...♥ Kerri

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    Hollywood Retro Party

    A couple friends & I gathered up some girls
    and had a little soiree the other night.
    Hollywood Retro was the theme, martini glasses held the drinks.
    Me, Rita & Lize


    Here we have Sandy & Kris


    This is my Aunt Nancy, my mom & me....

    Renee & Cora - how cute are they?

    A group o' glamorous gals!

    It was a lot of Fun!!  I say next time we do a GYPSY theme...