Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gemma ~ Part 4

 The shell is being put back on

and the inside is being re-worked (built)

Here's the 'kitchen' area...
Steve decided to give me more counter top space since I do like to cook,
and to make a bigger space for a small fridge
 (rather than the original icebox) under the counter.

We also moved the stove area to where the closet used to be
(directly across from the sink/counter)

The dinette area getting ready for its seating structure

Here the cabinets are put in, above the Dinette

also above the Kitchen...

and, Steve added electrical....
small space lights under cabinets and a couple outlets.
I'm Very happy about that!

We decided to build the cabinets/shelves above bed area lengthwise,
rather than width-wise...
I think it gives the camper a sense of being a smidge longer

So much more has been done to this sweet little gem....
Stay tuned as I will be posting real soon!!!

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