Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gemma ~ Part 4

 The shell is being put back on

and the inside is being re-worked (built)

Here's the 'kitchen' area...
Steve decided to give me more counter top space since I do like to cook,
and to make a bigger space for a small fridge
 (rather than the original icebox) under the counter.

We also moved the stove area to where the closet used to be
(directly across from the sink/counter)

The dinette area getting ready for its seating structure

Here the cabinets are put in, above the Dinette

also above the Kitchen...

and, Steve added electrical....
small space lights under cabinets and a couple outlets.
I'm Very happy about that!

We decided to build the cabinets/shelves above bed area lengthwise,
rather than width-wise...
I think it gives the camper a sense of being a smidge longer

So much more has been done to this sweet little gem....
Stay tuned as I will be posting real soon!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gemma ~ part 3

...and the re-build starts...

Luckily the siding is still in good shape,
Steve used it as a template to re-build the frame

My son Jacob has been helping out...
Steve has always been good about teaching him some handyman skills

(I think she even looks cute just like this)

My hubby contemplating the next step,
he's a pretty smart & skilled guy, I can't even imagine the thought process
of re-building this little gem from scratch...(well pretty much from scratch)

after the frame was complete, 'she' got new wood paneling,
 fresh insulation, and was wired for power, which is so nice!... as there was none before.

'she' looks so fresh and clean

We used extra wood flooring we had from the house 
Here's one of our sweet pups, Mia....
she loves to hop up in the camper when we are in there just to see what's going on

and here we have many piles of what made up that sweet little camper
we will re-use what we can...
 the sink, windows, stove, parts of cabinets and a few other things

I will try to get us up to date on what she looks like now in my next post,
so.....stay tuned!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gemma ~ part 2

Well now it's time to assess the damage and and get to work......
Just looking at this photo you'd think "ya, she's a bit weathered and old"
Which is true being that she's at least 55+ years old

but we were not expecting the amount of damage that we found once we started 
breaking her down...there was a lot of water damage

the dinette cushions were pretty thrashed, we knew they had to be completely redone.
There was water damage at the vent.....

under the stove and sink

Major water damage in all four corners of the camper, high and low,
under the sink, under the, there & everywhere....

So after contemplating about what to fix and what to leave (if anything) ,
 we decided to completely gut her and start from scratch.

after tearing her apart and saving what we could,
                                     we ended up with an empty shell                                            
and a trailer that needed a little TLC too!!!

Good thing my hubby can do just about anything,
because if he couldn't this dream of mine would have been just that,
  ........a dream!!!     

Stay tuned for more on the overhaul...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Sweet Lil' Gemma ~ part 1

For a few years now I have been dreaming of a Vintage Camper of my own, 
but my hubby never really bought into my dream....
that is, until a few months ago!!!

One sunny day in October, he came home with this sweet lil thing in tow....

I had no idea he even thought twice about my very occassional
"oh I can't wait for mine" rants about a camper.

That day I knew he was going to pick up some old lockers from a friend of ours, 
 he pulled up in our drive and told me to come check them out....
I opened the front door and almost couldn't believe my eyes!!!!
I was screaming (with JOY), jumping up and down like a silly schoolgirl at what I saw,
Our neighbor friend thought I was crazy, but I didn't care.....
that was the most EXCITED I've been since I don't know when.

She may not be in the best condition.....
but she has much potential!!!

My hubby is working so hard on fixing her up....
which is so amazing considering he "shut me down" for so long.

I will be posting more pics of the progress of my
 Sweet Lil' Gemma (that's what I call her)

So....stay tuned....