Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gemma ~ part 2

Well now it's time to assess the damage and and get to work......
Just looking at this photo you'd think "ya, she's a bit weathered and old"
Which is true being that she's at least 55+ years old

but we were not expecting the amount of damage that we found once we started 
breaking her down...there was a lot of water damage

the dinette cushions were pretty thrashed, we knew they had to be completely redone.
There was water damage at the vent.....

under the stove and sink

Major water damage in all four corners of the camper, high and low,
under the sink, under the, there & everywhere....

So after contemplating about what to fix and what to leave (if anything) ,
 we decided to completely gut her and start from scratch.

after tearing her apart and saving what we could,
                                     we ended up with an empty shell                                            
and a trailer that needed a little TLC too!!!

Good thing my hubby can do just about anything,
because if he couldn't this dream of mine would have been just that,
  ........a dream!!!     

Stay tuned for more on the overhaul...


  1. Wow! This looks like it's going to be a great family project! Can't wait to see how she comes along.